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Lot Clearing, Backhoe & Bush Hog Services in Myrtle Beach

We provide the equipment to get the job done in Horry and Brunswick County!

Bush Hog Services in Myrtle Beach

We have full brush hog (Bush Hog is a brand name!) services in the Grand Strand and Brunswick County. Our equipment can whack through the most dense plant growth, where a lawnmower or manual tools can't begin to go.

If you need lot clearing or bush hog services in Myrtle Beach, DAM Tree Services can do the job!

Backhoe Services in Myrtle Beach

A Back Hoe or backhoe is a piece of excavating equipment that resembles a bulldozer. It's used for digging, in our case primarily stump removal or digging up large plants easily. For a bit of trivia, the "arm" of the backhoe is known as "the boom", and the scoop or bucket is called a "dipper".

Our team has years of experience in using backhoe equipment and can do any job that requires its use. If you have need of backhoe services in the Grand Strand area, think of DAM Tree Services first!

Bucket Tree Services in Horry and Brunswick County

DAM Tree services also has a bucket truck, or perhaps more often called a "cherry picker" which can be used for many purposes - from tree-trimming at the highest points to reaching something on your roof. With hurricane and storm damage in our coastal areas, bucket truck services in Myrtle Beach are sometimes needed, and we are here to provide it!

bucket truck services Myrtle Beach SC

Always make sure your tree service is licensed and FULLY INSURED before allowing them to use dangerous equipment to trim or take down large trees. DAM Tree Services offers our 100% guarantee and back up our claims with experience and integrity. We are licensed in North and South Carolina for all our tree equipment, and provide
lot clearing services in Myrtle Beach, Horry County, Brunswick County, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Calabash NC. If you need us anywhere in this large area, we'll be there!

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