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Palm Tree and Live Oak Trim and Shaping

We Manicure Myrtle Beach's Favorite Trees
There's no question that we love our palmettos, palm trees, live oaks and crape myrtles - or "Crepe Myrtles" as we southerners prefer to call them. Myrtle Beach actually got its name from our beautiful purple/pink crepes, and our state flag boasts the palm (or palmetto) tree with a crescent moon. Many SC palmetto trees are native to the area, although there are now many imports from other areas as well.

We are experts on these popular Myrtle Beach trees, and our specialty is trimming and shaping them to keep them healthy and beautiful. Expensive and delicate, ornamental tree care is best left to professionals who know how to trim and care for them properly.

Below are some of the most common palms and palmetto trees in Myrtle Beach:

Queen Palm Tree
Queen Palm
Although native to Southern Brazil, this is Florida's standard palm tree, and is seen increasingly more often in Myrtle Beach. Perhaps the most vulnerable to cold weather, the Queen can grow to 20-40 feet.
Windmill Palm Tree
Windmill Palm
The erect, single trunk of the Windmill Palm is covered with brown hairlike fibers. It can grow to 50 feet, and requires a male and female plant to reproduce.
Pindo Palm Tree
Pindo or Jelly Palm
Native to Brazil and a favorite in Florida, the Pindo Palm tree has a heavy trunk cover with old leaf shafts. The leaves are blue-grey and curve in towards the ground. They can grow to 15 feet.
Sabal Palmetto Tree
Sabal Palmetto
The Sabal Palm tree is native to South Carolina and is our state tree! Also called a cabbage palm, it has an erect trunk and the fronds are actually edible. This hardy palm can grow to 65 feet.

Pruning or trimming a palm tree consists of removing the leaves or inflorescence as they become brown and unsightly. Decapitating a palm below the crown and leaves in an attempt to reduce the height will kill the tree. Palm tree fertilizer is often necessary and should be handled by a professional.

Trimming Live Oak Trees

The Live Oak tree can be seen on the beach where the trees appear to be bent and flat, having been molded by the wind and salt from the ocean. Inland they grow tall or wide, with amazing shapes and limbs made for a child to climb. They will thrive in almost any location and will drop their leaves in the fall like any oak tree. A live oak tree typically grows from 60 to 80 feet tall, and can have a "spread" of 120 feet!

Shaping and pruning the live oak tree is a specialty of DAM Tree Services, and this magnificent, broad-leafed tree will be a picturesque addition to your landscape. It grows rapidly when young and may live to be centuries old. Contact us with questions or for an estimate on being your live oak tree's manicurist.

Trimming Live Oak Trees

If you need crepe myrtle pruning, we're here to advise and perform this service, which is an art form in itself.
We have full-time tree-climbers and are fully insured. You don't pay until the job is done to your full satisfaction.
In fact, we have the best guarantee of any tree service company in Myrtle Beach!

crape myrtle pruning

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